Sara Jane Case is a writer, speaker and podcaster specializing in the enneagram. She teaches entrepreneurs how to reverse engineer their business using their personality type. With the enneagram as their guide, she helps business owners to structure their business in such a way that they are supported by their work and not depleted.


Amanda Writesman is photographer, the editor of The Bridal Theory, and a marketing strategist and all around social media guru with a heart for helping creatives streamline their digital marketing efforts to grow their businesses. Amanda guides creatives into creating a marketing plan, utilizing social platforms with heart and a creative eye, growing a strong presence on Pinterest, and doing it in a strategic way that requires LESS time. A North Carolina native and second generation photographer, Amanda loves the freedom of the digital age which allows her to work and adventure all around the world. Currently she calls Memphis home or wherever the closest cup of coffee can be found.

Amanda Writesman

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