May 7, 2019

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Perry Vaile

Breakout Classes

Breakout Classes

Breakout Classes


Lab Panel

Pim Yanaprasart

optional styled shoots

Grand Ole Opry 
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Perry Vaile

Contrary to what you might picture, your journey as a creative isn’t linear, but rather a house you live in every day and exist within. This talk will cover a myriad of “rooms” creatives encounter including leaps of faith, failure, discovering your voice, the comparison game, addiction to work, a social media mentality, and the importance of staying inspired.


The House of Creativity

Breakout Classes

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Truly Learning Your Preferences

Debunking the myths of both Frontier & Nortisu scanners while showing you first hand the differences of each helping you truly understanding your scanning preferences


Shooting for Publication: A Beginners Guide to Styled Shoots

During this course, we will discuss the necessary steps for executing editorials (Styled Shoots) from beginning to end. You will leave with the understanding of how to build vendor relationships and how to attract your ideal client through your editorial work. I will walk you through my approach to find the right publication for your brand and how to make your submission stand out. We will also discuss the importance of vendor and submission etiquette. My goal for this course is for you to walk away with the confidence and the tools needed to shoot editorials that will add value to your brand.

Elizabeth Davis

How to Move Your Business Across State Lines

Have you ever wanted to attract clients in a different market? Or wondered how some photographers book weddings in multiple cities? Or are you planning for a big move and struggling with the idea of how to move your successful photography business? If so, this class is for you! Since starting my business, I have lived in three different states and successfully transitioned my business to each new market, in addition to other areas I wanted to expand into. In my class I will be going in-depth on how I made each transition and how you too can successfully break into new markets or move your business entirely without skipping a beat!

Callie Manion

The next step in film emulation

Dustin Francis, creator of C1ick, will be going over the origin of C1ick Match profiles and the difference between them vs traditional presets. Dustin will also show you his editing process utilizing the profiles to demonstrate how to get the most out of your raw files.


Advanced Legal Audit

Your business should operate to build your financial future. This legal audit is an all-inclusive way to cover your financial and legal needs in one place. We will cover: changing your business structure from an LLC to S Corp, taxes, labor, health & safety, insurance, unfair business practices, employee relations, intellectual property, financial transactions, and personal matters such as estate planning. You will finally get the opportunity to ask bigger legal questions related to your business without the thousands of dollars it would take to hire a personal attorney. You'll leave the session knowing that your photography business can help you achieve the life you've dreamed of... including helping pay for your kids' college and preparing for early retirement!

Paige Griffith


Breakout Classes

Included with registration

Metering, Light + Color

As a filmlab, we study and manipulate color every single day. That’s a lot of studying! And guess what? We want to share everything we’ve learned with you. Join us and learn the roll color plays in your photography, from the time of capture, to the chemistry behind it all, to post processing—it’s all about the color! 


Passion Projects: Breathe New Life into Your Business

How often do you do a side project just for you?? In December 2018 I launched my newest passion project, Spark & Bound. My main motivation was not profits. But rather I wanted to inspire others and create a deeper connection within the creative community. This launch has had some surprising and unexpected benefits that I would like to share with you. In this talk, I will discuss the process and the benefits of launching a passion project. I will explain the ups and downs and how I made it all happen in 90 days. With this information, my hope is that you can take your own passions and do the same.

laura murray

Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all

Do you know EXACTLY how much you are making on every wedding booking? On every product you sell? Do you want to make more? This class will help you analyze your current rates under a microscope and help you set goals for the future. Each attendee will leave with Cassi's Collection Creator - so you can plug in your numbers and see your exact profit at a glance!

Cassi claire

From the online gallery to printed goods

The new online game for professional photographers - creating new opportunities for visual and emotional experience through the online gallery and turning it into new opportunities for business growth.


If You Could Sell an Album to Every Client, Would You Want to?

The other night I sat down with my youngest child and we looked through an old family album together. He asked questions about family he’s never seen before. I told him stories and jokes they used to tell. We connected.  Those moments stick with you forever.

Everyone deserves a story like this. Together we will explore why heirloom albums last for generations. How to teach your client that digital is good, but it’s not everything.



Breakout Classes

Included with registration

Importance of photographer and lab relationship

Understanding what to look for when shooting to help labs give you consistent scans.

Goodman film lab

Work Your Network: Profiting From Industry Connections 

Do you want to make more money? Good. Kir is sharing all of her tricks of the trade on how to build your networking empire within your industry. Whether you're in a big city or shooting in a 'fly-over state' you can create meaningful, profitable relationships that will elevate your business. Networking is the NUMBER ONE way to create a strong brand that will lead to more bookings, more cash in your bank account and, overall, a more meaningful and supported community business.

Kir Tuben

Fast and Focused: Documenting Families with Kids on Film

Capturing a family with those wild, fast-moving little ones on 100% film can be intimidating. This breakout will provide attendees with practical methods and easy techniques they can implement at their next family session (both on digital and film) while feeling more confident in documenting quick movement on film, finding the best light while doing so and nailing composition.

Halee Betzner

Serving Clients Through Archival Prints and Wall Art

MUSEA Lab will help you understand the value of high-end print products, how to attract clients that want more than digital files, and they'll share how their photographers successfully sell prints and wall art.


Designed to Book: Website strategies to attract your ideal client

Davey Jones of Davey & Krista and the Brands that Book podcast discusses practical website design strategies that drive qualified web traffic from the homepage to the contact page.




Included with registration


Lab Panel

Roundtable Q&A with PhotoVision, theFINDlab, and Goodman Film Lab


Speaker- Pim Yanaprasart

Making Yourself Marketable Through Your Passion


Optional Styled Shoots

Expand your portfolio with an offsite shoot.  Scroll through to see each instructors mood board for their shoot!

Pim actually made her first major deal with Four Seasons and convinced them that a solo photographer can deliver something extraordinary rather than an agency. She will share how she was chosen to photograph some of the most luxurious dishes being served in Hong Kong, just by her marketing herself through her family breakfast images. She is proof that you can blend passion with a personal brand and be mega successful.

Love Soaked Family Photography: Creating Magic Moments Every Time

Inspirational family photography can getcha all fired up...until you get to the shoot and the kids are going nuts, mom is stressed and dad doesn't want to be there. In this class we'll explore how to stay inspired no matter what your clients are doing (in concrete ways you can apply to your very next session), how to shoot fast moving kids on film (and indoors! eee!) guiding and harnessing the energy in a family shoot, and most importantly how to orchestrate natural, magic moments that ooze family love, at every shoot, for every client, every time.

Brooke Schultz

"I Must Have Flowers, Always & Always" - Monet

Inspired by the impressionist paintings of Monet, Degas, and Morisot, join Sophie Kaye Photography and East Made Event Company for an afternoon overflowing with dreamy, spring pastel colors and flirty, romantic textures at one of Nashville's premiere luxury wedding venues, The Estate at Cherokee Dock. This editorial will feature a bride and groom, two bridesmaids wearing designer gowns, a ceremony site, dinner table set-up, calligraphy pieces, and wedding details in multiple flat lays. Photographers will be split into groups and will rotate among stations to make the most of their shooting time. Sophie and Elizabeth will also assist with model direction, posing, and will provide insight on shooting for publication and for vendors.

Sophie Kaye & eastmade event co.

The Rococo Effect: How To Craft Opulent Viral Images

Come Behind the scenes of the most ostentatiously rich, luxurious and lavish photoshoot that the Hybrid Collective has ever seen! D'Arcy will guide you step by step on her super power method of crafting breathtaking viral images for Instagram, Pinterest, and Publication. D'Arcy has taught hundreds of creatives across the globe how to tap into their deep creativity and innovation to create something so far beyond your average "styled shoot". She'll take your concepts and structure from mediocre to magnificent. This styled shoot includes luxurious dresses from a top fashion stylist in NYC and you can guarantee that we'll have more floral designs than you can ever dream of! I truly hope to see you there.

d'arcy benincosa

For the love of all things pastel

This shoot is the ultimate portfolio build for those in love with dreamy soft pastels, flowy and delicate dresses, and all things feminine and pretty. Join Julie and Cedarwood weddings as they create 3 completely different set-ups around the historic grounds of Cedarwood. Each set-up is complete with a bride, tablescape, flay lays with invite suite, shoes and rings. You will be divided into small groups to shoot on your own and Julie will offer posing and lighting assistance and will be there to answer all of your questions. This is geared towards more shooting than teaching. 

julie paisley

Within - Inspiration and Renewed Passion

Looking within ourselves, discovering new things about ourselves, about our surroundings and finding love in the old things that shaped while accepting new inspiration. 

michael & carina


Grand Ole Opry

Join us for an add-on adventure to see 'Music City' at it's finest.  Performing artists Chris Janson and others TBD.