May 8, 2019

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michael & Carina

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add-on master classes


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Speakers- Michael & Carina

Within - Inspiration and Renewed Passion


Master Classes

Small group add-on experience to hone in on your craft

Whether you have been a photographer for years, or just want to see the photography world with renewed eyes, this is for you. We will be talking about inspiration, innovation, overcoming hindrances and discovering how our styles and passions evolve. The importance of self-love, honesty and authenticity will be main themes touched on in addition to sharing our story and practical advice along the way.

What are you worth? Human dynamics that drive pricing and profit.

Creating (and recreating!) her brand in the luxury markets within Indiana, Ireland, and California; Amanda has used her Mad Men skills to understand what clients want. Learn how to price yourself, thrive, and be profitable in any market.

Amanda Crean

Financial Planning for creatives

Alicia Mink

5 Proven Strategies that Bring Clients in the Doors Fast and Keep Them Coming Back for More

After personally coaching hundreds of creatives, the truth is simple, you're not spending time doing the things that are going to get you seen and if you don't get seen-- no matter how good those images are--you won't succeed. With Magic Marketing, D'Arcy gives you the top 5 things she would start implementing right now in 2019 and she'll even throw in a few bonuses. These are not just your ordinary strategies like "be on social media", these are in depth, innovative, and we guarantee you haven't thought of them before. These two hours will fly by as you get idea after amazing idea of how to improve your marketing strategies and take your business to the next level.

D'Arcy Benincosa

How to Thrive as a Destination Wedding Photographer

Tactics for booking luxury destination weddings, attracting the right destination clients, and how to keep booking (aka making money). I will talk about traveling with gear, learning from my biggest mistakes and my triumphs.

It’s no secret that the photography market is flooded and running a business solo can be all kinds of overwhelming. In this class, cosigned by my husband, Mr. Finance Degree and employed by a Forbes Top 100 Finance Advisor himself, you’ll learn how to organize money, create the perfect pricing and expense structure and even how to correctly work the use of film into your business. Learning how to build a sustainable business, get out of debt and put money aside so you don’t have to work until you’re 95 is a vital part of professional photography, and we are going to walk through it together step-by-step.

Laura Gordon


Master Classes

Small group add-on experience to hone in on your craft

Building a Website that Books

How do you get more qualified inquiries, and how do you turn more of those inquiries into bookings? In this master class we discuss how to build a website and create content that's both optimized for search engines and attracting your ideal client. We outline practical ways to perform better in search results, convert website visitors into leads, and nurture leads into clients. Be sure to bring your laptop for some hands-on application of what we discuss.

Davey jones

Serving Your Clients & Creating an Experience for Them

In a day and age where referrals mean the most, it’s so important to focus on creating an experience that leaves your client not just happy, but ready to tell the world how great you are. In this class we will go over every touch point you have with a client and discuss ways to elevate your approach and establish a great relationship with them.

Rachel may Clarke

Artificial Lighting & Film

Ever wanted to conquer your fear of flash and artificial lighting with film? At this masterclass, you will learn all about flash and exposure principles and how to strategize your lighting plan no matter what environment you're thrown into. Learn to elegantly recreate window light, master on- and off-camera flash in any event space, unleash your creativity when the sun goes down... and learn to do it all on film.

Patrick Le

Branding and Personality Marketing that will Change Your Business

Learn what lying, cheating, and falling in love have to do with doubling your paycheck. Specific techniques to brand yourself, stand out, and attract ideal couples in the over-saturated world of fine art wedding photography. Never pay a branding expert again.

perry vaile



Included with registration


Speaker Panel

Roundtable Q&A with all speakers


closing keynote- D'arcy benincosa

Wealth & Creativity: How to Stop Being a Starving Artist 


Optional Styled Shoots

Expand your portfolio with an offsite shoot.  Scroll through to see each instructors mood board for their shoot!

D'Arcy Benincosa is definitely not shy to talk about subject most people avoid! In this Keynote speech, learn how you can tap into your creative genius while also making a beautiful living. D'Arcy will dive deep into the strategies and systems that it truly takes to creating a lasting business in the photography world. In truth, most photography businesses are not profitable and they fail within the first three years. But with D'Arcy's strategies, you'll learn to not only HOPE you make it in this business, you'll be guaranteed.

Smashing your Creative Rut: Double Exposures and Families on Film

Do you ever wish you could up the creativity factor when photographing families? Providing your clients with a wider array of imagery and finding alternative ways to tell their story leads to personal growth! Expand your arsenal with not only the ability to incorporate double exposures into your work, but also by shooting fun stocks outside the norm.

Ashley Crawford

A Modern-Meets-Romantic Wedding Editorial

A fresh, modern take on the romantic bride + groom. With simplistic, clean lines, wild florals and a dreamy, textured gown, this modern, fashion inspired wedding editorial will bring breathtaking elements together to showcase the beauty and diversity in the world. Join Lauren and Elizabeth Gopal from East Made for this stunning shoot at the Riverwood Mansion

Lauren Fair

Past the pose - The art of posing and expression

The Art of posing and expression editorial. With an artistic approach this editorial will both please your artful heart, and stay focused on why were all here, to learn! You’ve shot the details, the family portraits, the ceremony, all the details, the important moments, the list goes on, and now your beginning the most important images of the day, your Bride and Groom! Do you ever feel stuck? Lost, like you do the same exact thing over and over but never feel like you have enough variety?! Learn my tips and tricks to take that time and make magic! Confidently tell your clients story, and have their personalities shine through. Learn how to get your clients in natural, easy poses and and get many sellable images from one pose, learn how to get a variety of natural expressions with in seconds, impress your clients and get your wedding published! I will talk you through my flow posing method, with examples, the go to rules rules, pitfalls and all the things I’ve learned.

Charla storey

A Garden Inspired Indian Wedding Shoot 

Join us as we photograph some of the beautiful details and traditions of an Indian wedding, combined with inspiration from lush garden celebrations, modern design elements, as well as European touches at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. The color palette will be soft and classic with pops of brighter colors in the flowers, and you’ll have a chance to direct and pose the couple around a beautiful garden location here in Nashville. I’m so excited to meet you, help troubleshoot shooting film, demonstrate my favorite natural posing techniques, answer questions about pricing and ideal clients (my favorite topics!), and give you lots of time with our models. There will be multiple elements to photograph, so you’ll get plenty of shooting time and beautiful images to use in your portfolio!

Kristin Sweeting

The Modern Theorist Editorial Styled by set designer Carrie Moe of Type A Society

This lively editorial is perfect for a color loving contemporary photographer that desires to build viral portfolio images that attracts modern brides and high end commercial/wedding brands. There will a high fashion color look as well as a couture designer gown paired with stunning jewelry and shoe looks. The editorial will be located in a beautiful clean white wedding space in which, Carrie Moe of Type A Society, who has build sets for runway shows and large corporate clients, will be building and bringing in various live floral pillars with colors that will correspond to the high fashion gowns. Use of some pressed floral and floral shadowboxing will also be showcased in an installation as well as a feature of textiles that the model will be interacting with. 
All of the colors will be combined in one stunning tablescape with unique and modern touches. There will be multiple detailed and contemporary props uniquely and artistically styled in unique flatlays with a few styled floral cocktails. Come and shoot impeccable details and unique artisan textiles, florals and props that will be sure to uplevel your brand and attract a modern high end bride. 

Eric Kelley


closing social

Our way to say thank you for being a part of the Hybrid Collective 2019 Conference!