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Elizabeth Messina

Elizabeth Messina is an award winning artist and passionate photographer. Her images are powerful and intimate, a sublime balance between light, composition and emotion. Elizabeth is sought after by a discerning clientele. Her images have graced the covers & pages of countless magazines and books. Elizabeth "was named as one of the best wedding photographers in the world" by Vogue, Martha Stewart Weddings, Harper’s Bazaar and Brides Magazine.  Elizabeth was also named one of the most influential photographers of our decade by PDN. Her work often takes her to the far corners of the world. Although she’s often in creative pursuit, camera in hand, she’s most happy in the presence with those she loves.

When Elizabeth isn’t making photographs you’ll find her at home in Southern California with her husband, three children, two dogs and a strong cup of coffee. 

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daniel kim

joy proctor

Daniel is a photographer who lives with his wife and daughter in the desert of Arizona. He doesn't consider himself a wedding photographer. He considers himself a photographer, who happens to shoot weddings. He's always open to learning more about this medium, learning better ways to shoot, learning how to capture what feels better. He may not the best photographer out there. But you bet Daniel will give it everything he has.

Joy is an optimist, a lover of antiques, music, sushi and Africa. She is honored to be regarded as one of the most highly sought after wedding designers in the world. Joy's product collaborations with Belle Belle shoes and prestigious publication features have earned her global recognition as a trend setter in the wedding and events industry. Joy Proctor Design is a full service design house. She designs and produces impeccably styled weddings and other chic events worldwide. Joy Proctor is one of the go to editorial stylists and creative directors for the wedding industries leadings brands and publications. Joy has been named one of the top designers in the world by Harpers Bazaar and Brides Magazine. 

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Mainstage speakers

Kristen Griffith-VanderYacht

Kristen Griffith-VanderYacht specializes in the creation of unique floral arrangements that celebrate enchanting flowers and natural beauty. Kristen Griffith-VanderYacht is the owner and creative director of Wild Bloom by Kristen Griffith-VanderYacht. His career began in New York City where he worked for some of the top designers in the industry. Since opening his own studio, his flowers have been in major publications across the US, including Martha Stewart Weddings, Traditional Home Magazine, and The Knot, and seen on Good Morning America and E! Network. His flowers for actress Julianne Hough were featured on the front cover of People Magazine.

Kristen views floristry as a gateway to a happier more sustainable life that focuses on bridging the gap between nature and modern living. He continues his work towards elevating the artistry of floral design as a fine art while expanding his design portfolio to include gardening, house plants and home decor.

KT Merry

After graduating top of her class at the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts, KT Merry worked as an assistant to some of the world’s most celebrated fashion photographers. For the past decade, she has travelled across the globe photographing exclusive destination weddings and wedding editorials.

KT has been named as a Top Wedding Photographer by Harper’s Bazaar, Martha Stewart Weddings, and The Knot. She was also named a Rising Star by Photo District News Magazine. Using an artful approach, KT has created a timeless signature style; her images are imbued with cinematic storytelling, and layered with beauty and meaning. 
KT works with her husband, Chad, who is her second shooter and business partner. Together, the duo bring an unrivaled level of expertise and a seamless experience to their clients. When they’re not living out of a suitcase, the bicoastal couple lives in Miami and California with their beloved dog, Axl. 

A lifelong animal lover and equestrian, in 2016, KT launched a passion project, Render Loyalty, using the sale of her fine art photographs to help promote and support the conservation of threatened species. 

In short, KT Merry lives up to her name, marrying exclusive destination wedding celebrations with timeless, sophisticated photography.

perry vaile

Perry is a free spirit, spontaneous adventurer, fine art photographer, animal snuggler and enthusiastic wife and mother. Perry is a former professional Historian; a profession that impacts the way she photographs each wedding - as a piece of History. In another life she would have loved to have been a comedian, or a therapist - but she incorporates both of those skills into her work as a photographer! 

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