belinda olsen

julie paisley

Jonathan canlas

Our Story

After years of frustration with current trade shows that seem to lack a certain focus towards those of us that love to shoot film, the three of us sat down over a rather large breakfast (just ask Jon about his chicken and waffles), and The Hybrid Conference was born. Our goal is simply to unite the community so our collective voice can be heard. We promote cooperation over competition. We wanted to build an educational platform for film and hybrid photographers to join together, to learn from each other, and most importantly, to support each other. We love film and we love our fellow film photographers. We have worked hard to bring you the best of the best from our community. We can't wait to meet you all in September.

Oh and by the way, Jon is planning on drinking all the passion fruit boba, Belinda will be recommending all the best food and restaurants to you, and Julie will just be walking around hugging everyone.  Consider yourself warned.