Ashley picked up a digital camera one day when she was 26 and bored. The real change was when she picked up a film camera a few years later though. That day really was like a lightening bolt. Ashley knew immediately that she would shoot in some capacity for forever.

Ashley crawford

Ashley rae

Ashley Rae is a Hybrid wedding photographer that is fueled by equal parts of sweet coffee and passion. She spends her days capturing the kinds of memories that make you stop, gasp and ask time to please slow down. She believes in real raw moments and heartfelt memories. In the kinds of images that remind you of the joy that can be found in the simplest of moments together. 

With a background in Social Media, Branding, and Marketing, Ashley Rae truly loves to enrich the lives she touches by defining their purpose through education and portrait storytelling.  Her work has been viral via Buzzfeed and published on top wedding publications.

a chance to soak it all in...

Master Class and Styled shoot leaders

Brittany elise

Brittany Elise is pioneering the full-service photographer movement teaching photographers how to implement services and finished products to build a multi-six figure business that not only serves their clients but fulfills their hearts and their bank account. Brittany’s mission is to call service hearted photographers into action to be more for their clients providing an amazing experience and leaving their work finished with luxury products. Her approach is to provide intentional strategies and actionable plans to build a steady stream of income consistently booking clients who value more than just digital images.

With how busy life can be, Brittany keeps her approach to everything authentic yet refined with a mission to always come alongside her students and clients allowing them to connect authentically while creating beautiful outcomes.
Brittany is also the co-founder and curator of The Photographers Framer, a fine art print and custom framing lab delivering archival products in the simplest way possible direct to clients.

By making every experience as luxurious as the last, Brittany has garnered a loyal client and student base that trusts she is always giving 110% and keeping what they value at the core of all that she does.

Ashton is a destination film photographer based out of Victoria with a love for medium format cameras. Born and raised in West Yorkshire, England until he found and married the love of his life in the Caribbean before starting a new chapter together in Australia. Ashton has been named one of the top wedding photographers in the world by Harper's Bazaar, and has been featured in top wedding publications such as Vogue, Magnolia Rouge, Wedding Sparrow, Cosmopolitan, Fifty-Four, Martha Stewart Weddings and many more.  

There's a language we ALL know without realizing: body language. Ashton believes that gesture and quietness are the key to achieving the natural softness and calm attitude for this kind of shoot. He is passionate about shooting film and loves the authentic and timeless photographs which capture the softness, grainy, delicate and beautiful details.

Ashton Jean-Pierre

charla storey

Charla Storey is a destination wedding photographer, believer in community, total Ennegram 7, and passionate about helping others break their own glass ceilings. From being a single mom living paycheck-to-paycheck while working multiple jobs to being hired (and paid!) by the biggest brands in the industry—including Harper’s Bazaar, Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, Vogue, and People—and earning her spot on numerous “Best Of” lists, it’s safe to say she’s walked down every road of the photographer’s journey.

With her positive mindset, witty personality, tenacious spirit, and 19+ years of experience, Charla has been coaching photographers towards achieving their biggest goals since 2008. She’s passionate about helping students build profitable, fulfilling businesses and break through their barriers—and have hella fun doing it!

When Charla isn’t photographing weddings around the globe or educating photographers, you can find her spending time with her family and two boxer pups, caring for her mom and sister, watching movies, or exploring a new city.

Clay austin

Clay is fortunate enough to say that he lives in the city of Charleston, South Carolina, surrounded by saltwater and Spanish moss with his beautiful wife and three amazing daughters. He is a firm believer in true love, and he tries his hardest to document it in its most raw and authentic form. Shooting film allows him to be completely in the moment, patiently waiting for windows of honesty and those sparks that make each couple unique. He feels overwhelming joy to provide his clients with a way to relive such a meaningful occasion for the rest of their lives!

d'arcy benincosa

D'Arcy Benincosa is a sought after destination wedding photographer and business coach for creative entrepreneurs. As a highly recognized and widely published photographer, she is the founder of The Profitable Portfolio, The Marketing Map, and The Path Worldwide Workshops. Featured in The Huffington Post, Out Magazine, ABC, NBC, The View, and Upworthy, D’Arcy has photographed thousands of people and hundreds of weddings around the globe. 

Based in New York City, Paris, and Park City, D'Arcy's work takes her to the far corners of the world. Her work regularly graces the pages of the top wedding publications in the world including Martha Stewart, Brides, Harper's Bazaar, and Style Me Pretty.

daniel kim

Daniel is a photographer who lives with his wife and daughter in the desert of Arizona. He doesn't consider himself a wedding photographer. He considers himself a photographer, who happens to shoot weddings. He's always open to learning more about this medium, learning better ways to shoot, learning how to capture what feels better. He may not the best photographer out there. But you bet Daniel will give it everything he has.

David abel

Revered by international clients, publications and planners, David is an award-winning fine art wedding photographer. He marries the worlds of editorial and romance with an approach based on savoring life and art. He has a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and an intimate understanding of the European affairs couples ask him to document. Other photographers now learn under David’s mentorship with workshops and coaching. David is drawn to the small delights of life, keen to learn new craft cocktail recipes and discover new dishes at restaurants nearby, and abroad. Home is the DMV area where he is a father of two who loves hosting meals on the outdoor patio under the cafe lights. Along with Kristy, he is slowly renovating the home of his dreams one room at a time, while planning to retire in Tuscany surrounded by the rolling hills of wine country.

Elizabeth Messina

Elizabeth Messina is an award winning artist and passionate photographer. Her images are powerful and intimate, a sublime balance between light, composition and emotion. Elizabeth is sought after by a discerning clientele. Her images have graced the covers & pages of countless magazines and books. Elizabeth "was named as one of the best wedding photographers in the world" by Vogue Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar. Her work often takes her to the far corners of the world. Although she’s often in creative pursuit, camera in hand, she’s most happy in the presence with those she loves.

When Elizabeth isn’t making photographs you’ll find her at home in Southern California with her husband, three children, two dogs and a strong cup of coffee.

jainÉ kershner

Jainé Kershner started her photography education series “Tea with Jainé” to share advice, resources, and lessons learned over the last 10 years as a wedding photographer. Tea with Jainé includes an Instagram TV series, blog, bi-monthly podcast, meet-ups, 1:1 coaching, and the marketing intensive workshops for wedding photographers. 

Jainé Kershner Photography has been featured in several wedding publications including Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Brides, and The Knot. She was handpicked as one of NYC’s Best Wedding Photographers to know by BRIDES and voted Best Brooklyn Wedding Photographer in 2018!

Jamie Findlay

Serial entrepreneur Jamie has run multiple successful companies over the past 18 years. She not only is a destination editorial photographer, but a business coach to some of our industries top leaders, helping them scale their business beyond 6 figures into full on legacies. In addition to that she is also the CEO of Evolve, an international educational company for creatives like you.

She is also a single mom to 4 amazing kids and 3 pretty cute dogs, travels more than is humanly acceptable, and is a recovering Oreo addict.

Jennefer Wilson

Jennefer is a destination wedding and portrait photographer, a natural strategist, photo editing ninja, and Ennegram 6. Jennefer is passionate about connecting with people, championing equality, and being a force of positive change wherever she goes. Known for her kindness and compassion, Jenn brings peace, and joy.

Her clients have taken her around the world to capture their story, and after 14+ years of experience, she's earned a reputation for her unique storytelling abilities. A true Jill-of-all-trades, Jennefer filled a void in the photography industry by creating editing tools and a community inspired by joy and driven by empathy. Jennefer has been mentoring photographers of all experience levels, guiding them to find both professional success and personal joy in their work, since 2016.

When not capturing memories behind her camera, Jennefer sings professionally, is an excellent cook, and has a "healthy" obsession with cooking in general. She lives in Dallas with her husband, young daughter, and three fluffy dogs, and she's in the process of renovating and decorating her 1930s Tudor-style home.

Jennifer lawrence

Jennifer is a film lifestyle photographer known for her clean, colorful, and happy images. She believes that you don't have to be "Fine-Art" to be high end and clients agree. Her work takes her all over the country to document families, seniors, and couples in their homes and favorite places. She is truly one of a kind in her work and approach to her business.

John Dolan

For more than 350 Saturdays, John Dolan has quietly pursued emotional and revealing art inside the wedding day itself. He has aimed his camera at tiny moments of deep meaning: evocative, joyful, unscripted, perfectly imperfect scenes at the start of a marriage.

Dolan has woven a career of advertising, editorial and fine art photography. He is the author of 'The Perfect Imperfect The Wedding Photographs of John Dolan', published by Damiani Books.

kayla barker

Kayla Barker is an award-winning and published photographer, leader and educator in the wedding and portrait industry with over 14 years of experience. She is in The Knot Hall of Fame, winner of PDN's TopKnots and nominated as an emerging film photographer. Her work has been featured many times in Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot Magazine, Brides, Style Me Pretty, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Wedding Sparrow, Southern Weddings and more. She has also won awards for her fine art photography work in many art and museum shows and her work has been sold in galleries around the country.

kristin sweeting

Kristin has been photographing weddings and celebrations around the world for over 11 years and photography work has taken her to over 20 different countries. With a deep love of travel, experiences, and people, she seeks to capture wedding days in a way that feel like the viewer stepped back in time but also with modern vibrance, expression, and light. She dives in deep with her clients to truly capture them with authenticity and show their connection with each other, their friends, and their family.

Kristin has been featured in top wedding magazines and blogs, was voted one of the top wedding photographers in the South by Southern Weddings Magazine, and gives back to photographers and creatives who want to grow their businesses through retreats, workshops, speaking, and coaching. Her clients love the energy and calm presence she brings to her work and the understanding and depth that she captures during each celebration. Just say the word and she’ll meet you in France, New York, or your favorite place.

kt merry

Named a top wedding photographer by Harper's Bazaar, Martha Stewart Weddings, Vogue, and BRIDES, KT Merry has photographed weddings and editorials around the world for nearly two decades. Now, along with her husband and business partner, Chad, KT is sharing her knowledge with photographers looking to refine their businesses and create purpose-filled lives. A passionate animal lover and conservationist, KT puts giving back first — she donates a portion of all sales from her two fine art print shops and her online education sales. When she’s not working, she’s running — literally; KT logs at least five miles in every city she visits.

Lauren Fair

Lauren's photography focuses on joyful, iconic, editorial & stylish images full of beautiful light and natural emotion. Her weddings span the globe from Europe to California to (occasionally) her home location of the East Coast.

Specializing in luxurious outdoor, waterfront, and estate celebrations, her work encapsulates some of the loveliest places in the world to get married. She's been gratefully named one of the 100 Most Inspiring + Influential People in the Wedding Industry by The Knot and one of the Best Photographers in the World by BRIDES Magazine, but believes the best accolades come from happy clients.

manda weaver

Manda is a photographer, coach to creatives, and stylist who lives on the Eastern Shore of Maryland near DC. She believes that truth and beauty are inherent within the human experience and is passionate about uncovering them through her lens wherever she goes. In her former life and career, she spent her days singing, dancing, acting, and directing on stages of all sizes which has given her a unique approach to capturing weddings, coaching artists, a creating editorial content.

Manda lives and works out of her historic house of dreams with her professor husband, Ryan, their two adventurous baseball-playing sons, Ryland and Rance, along with three sweet Boston Terriers (Ellanor, Grayson, and Maggie). As a family, they value Harmony, Adventure, and Generosity. You will find them traveling at a moment's notice to places near or far, logging countless volunteering hours in their community, and expressing hope and love relentlessly to those around them.

patrick le

Going on a decade, Patrick Le has been a professional film photographer, veteran lighting instructor and the creator of the highly regarded Apollo Workshops. He wants you to finally "GET IT" when it comes to overcoming your fears and conquering the overwhelming topic of flash & artificial light. Patrick's #1 priority is to challenge his students to always be more than they imagined themselves to be- All while making detailed lighting concepts practical in application, a breeze to produce on the spot and desired results that are easily repeatable. It doesn't matter what aesthetic style you prefer: light & airy or dark & moody or somewhere in between. As long as you understand the foundational principles, you can attain any look with artificial light that suits your brand.

paul von rieter

Paul Von Rieter Internationally recognized Wedding and Portrait Photographer. Over the last decade he has had the privilege of shooting shoot over 300 weddings on several different continents and all over North America. When Paul isn't not shooting he is educating and inspiring photographers how to implement his "Artisan Method" into their photographic work and businesses. His imagery has been published in several on-line and physical wedding publications and is proud to be an ambassador for amazing photography brands such as Fujifilm, Holdfast Gear, and Mastin labs. When he isn’t traveling to some far off destination shoot a luxury wedding for his discerning clientele, or creating images of genuine connection and romance for exceptional humans, you can find him at home with his beautiful partner Taylor, his energetic son Xander and their two Mini-Schnauzers Dusty & Grace. Possibly exploring the outdoors, preparing something exquisite in the kitchen or hoping in the car for a road trip up the coast.

perry vaile

Perry is a free spirit, spontaneous adventurer, fine art photographer, animal snuggler and enthusiastic wife and mother. Perry is a former professional Historian; a profession that impacts the way she photographs each wedding - as a piece of History. In another life she would have loved to have been a comedian, or a therapist - but she incorporates both of those skills into her work as a photographer!

Sacia Matthews

Sacia Matthews is a destination wedding photographer that specializes in merging an editorial appeal with an honest documentary style with an emphasis on emotions and moments that speak to the senses.

Inspired by her client's stories, Sacia’s work is rooted in both purpose and process, creating a strong client-focused experience. Just as important, Sacia seeks out to form a relationship with not only the client but the entire creative team, so that there is a cohesive balance and artful storytelling at the soul of each project she takes on.

Sacia has recently been named one of the Top Wedding Photographers in America by Brides Magazine and an esteemed Rangefinder's 30 Rising Stars. She is a contributing editor to Style Me Pretty, and enjoys contributing to the creative community on topics such as intentionality in artistic work and celebrating diversity within the wedding industry.