Hoping for some specialized instruction from our speakers? Master Classes and styled shoots are the perfect add-on to your Hybrid Collective registration. Enjoy a mini-workshop with your favorite photographer during the convention in a smaller group!


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9:00 - 12:00pm Styled Shoots

April 20, 2023

April 20, 2023


Ever feel totally overwhelmed or lost about how to approach flash? Of course, you can direct-flash the night away to get you by until the next lighting fad takes over… but context will ALWAYS be king. That’s why Patrick Le of the @ApolloWorkshops is going to introduce you to flash the way you wish someone had done at the beginning of your career.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to properly use flash and no longer look like a deer in headlights in any dark situation, this educational shoot is for you. You’ll learn how to solve various lighting challenges using on & off-camera flash techniques including constant lighting.

We’re going to cover some super simple but also diverse & elegant lighting setups you never knew to pay attention to before. Use them in any low-light wedding scenarios, during editorial/commercial shoots, or even your next portrait session to build consistency and the confidence to work in any lighting conditions.

While it would be helpful for you to bring your own speed-light, all of the lighting gear you’ll need will be provided for you. In fact, you don’t need any flash experience to attend this shoot. This is only 4-hour masterclass styled shoot that includes a deep dive into learning everything flash + hands-on shooting experience using both digital & film systems. Yes, this class is intended for both digital and film shooters alike!


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"LOVERS" is a master class with Elizabeth Messina that focuses on artfully directing & capturing a couple. The emphasis of this immersive photography class will be on composition, light & natural posing. Elizabeth will share with you how she creates authentic and poignant photographs. She'll share the subtleties and nuances of how to direct and illicit real interactions that are beautiful and not forced. Elizabeth has captured meaningful portraits of many special couples, including Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson, Jason Bateman & Amanda Anka, Lauren Conrad & William Tell, Erin & Eric Balfour and many more. This class is part communication & instruction, part observing Elizabeth’s photo, styling & posing techniques as well as the opportunity to create your own photographs. It will truly be a unique opportunity to expand your repertoire in directing and capturing couples.  

This year every “LOVERS” Master Class attendee will get an opportunity to capture photographs of their own during the class. Each attendee will literally be able to stand side-by-side with Elizabeth while she guides them with thoughtful direction and meaningful support. Photographers of all levels & mediums are welcome.

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The Indirect Approach

Some photographers direct their subjects. I "Indirect" people. This class will be a chance to rethink how you shoot and see if this approach can work for you. I believe that how we act as photographers affects our subjects. My method of teaching is to have honest and vulnerable conversations to unlock ourselves before we raise a camera.


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