Hoping for some specialized instruction from our speakers? Master Classes and styled shoots are the perfect add-on to your Hybrid Collective registration. Enjoy a mini-workshop with your favorite photographer during the convention in a smaller group!

September 30, 2021




add-on Styled Shoots

If you've been aching for the opportunity to photograph movement, grace, and soft but powerful lines, come spend the afternoon with Abby Grace as she walks you through her approach to photographing dancers. After growing up in the ballet studio and feeling drawn to all things tulle, soft pink and satin, she turned her attention towards a personal series of ballerina portraits that's breathed life into every area of her work. During this shoot, Abby will focus on teaching you how to pose and capture dancers, embracing both still moments and the gentle poise of ballerinas in motion. Attendees can expect light floral accents for one of our models, but are encouraged to come for the dancers, not the cumbersome details.

Commercial Styled Shoot: Beauty Brands & The Not-So-Basic Basics

heather nan

Ballerinas in Motion

abby springmann

Beauty campaigns have shifted over the years from highlighting an unrealistic ideal to showing beauty products as a tool used to enhance the diversity of beauty that exists within us all. We will be creating a campaign for a beauty brand, shooting both product and editorial lifestyle. Taking you from initial brand mission, concept, styling and shooting in a way that moves the brand’s mission forward. 

Technically, we will cover creating and working with a team onsite. Covering commercial shoot basics, such as working with a digital & lighting tech, tethering, client communication and delivery.

This shoot will be more than just a chance to take pretty pictures, but to learn the ins and outs of shooting a beauty brand campaign with purpose and the technical foundation to do so.

Art Direction: Veronica Rogers
Location: Private Studio

Whimsical Pastels

kia marie stone

Join Kia and get ready to capture soft pastels and some truly stunning details because this styled shoot is dedicated to the photographers who love whimsical and dreamy aesthetics. Our session together will feature a stunning interracial couple and one solo Bride while utilizing the romantic Utah landscape and yummy sun. Get ready to update your portfolio and social media with tons of pretty and stand along side me as she capture images in both film and digital formats. Kia will show you her favorite poses, tips to utilize available light and the details she looks for to ensure images are produced that will get published in the popular online blogs and in print.

The Best of Both Worlds

laura murray

Do you like a soft and muted color palette but also a bright and colorful one too? You won't have to choose because we are doing both!

Designer Erica from Stay Co will create two different scenes (with models and flatlays for both). One will be a soft and muted wedding shoot. The vibe will be natural yet elevated, with a focus on fashion.

And the other will be a vibrant scene where we play with color blocking, direct lighting, vignettes of props, plus a couple dressed in bold, monochromatic color.

into the light

manda weaver

The art of photography can and should create good, incite change, and inspire generations that follow to do the same. This Wedding Editorial is inspired by my tribe, the Choctaw. This design will allow you as an artist to uniquely convey the soaring heart of indigenous humanity as it expresses love, values the strength and beauty of ohoyo (woman), and carries a legacy of wisdom from our ancestors who care for and protect the life-giving source that is our homeland, specifically her waterways.

By participating in this shoot you will be doing good in this world by amplifying the presence and voices of Indigenous people.This shoot will feature multiple Choctaw and other indigenous artisans who will create painted backdrops, beaded jewelry, authentic Choctaw regalia, and textiles that will harmonize with the design for this Wedding Editorial. This shoot will also feature my fellow tribal member, and professional model, Beckah Boykin. This will also support Choctaw artisans through the Chahta Foundation Scholarship fund for students majoring in liberal arts, to which $1000 from the ticket sales for this shoot will be donated.

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